Tech Mechs

Tech Mechs™

A fast and furious dice rolling game of speed and skill.


Tech Mechs™

Typical humans, they’ve gone out to explore the galaxy and left someone else to clean up their mess. It’s time to send in the robots!  

This loveable band of Tech Mechs were made with one purpose – they love finding tech!  They’re sent to space stations and abandoned satellites to find and salvage all the stuff us humans don’t need any more.  They take it to their trading post and swap it for cool gadgets!  It might be the Plutonium Jetpack, or the Blipmaster Ultra Lifeform Scanner, whatever they’ve got their eye on, they have to be the fastest to find their tech to have their pick of the gadgets!

Race against the other robots to be the first to find the tech and trade it in. First Robot to 4 gadgets wins!

2-6 players. Age 8+. Duration of play 15 – 30mins


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